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 Do you really think you turn your girlfriend on wearing those worn out greyish briefs? Are you seriously going to make your gym mates in locker room look at your saggy white boxers?

 We definitely do NOT…



We are a very small company with very tiny products trying to work as hard as possible to offer you the best services and mainly the very best underwear. We are producing our undies in Czech and Slovak Republic, in the middle of Europe. With passion and dedication. 


It all started in 2010 in a head of a university graduate. The vision was clear. To bring the color into the people’s life. First pieces came alive in September 2011, printed dots, stripes, flowers, all in a very fresh colors. The project gained a very nice success and the first collection was sold out very soon. Next pieces were even better, not only in quality, the shape of products was updated according the customers notes and demands. Aqalogy started to be highly comfortable underwear with a perfect fit.

Thanks to the voice of our customers Aqalogy became perfect for each type of sport. Comfortable and stretch underwear elastic ensures that your underpants slip down only when you want ;) Comfortable cotton is gentle and caring to your skin and Aqalogy fantastic designs and shape will never make you ashamed in front of anyone! 


All of the materials, production techniques and all supplies for our production are carrefuly seleceted from the best of the possible options. The most important part of our undies is the fabric. 

High quality 200g fabric is made of cotton yarns and spandex. Due to first class materials we get the fabric distinctive by its perfect elasticity and softness. Could there be anything better than cotton underwear that your skin really loves? 

The fabric is coming from India, country well known for its high quality cotton The Indian subcontinent is the home for the Cotton crop. The art of weaving and dyeing of cotton was known in India some 5000 years ago. Cotton fabrics are woven almost throughout the length and breadth of India.

Printing and sewing into final products is done in the middle of Europe, in Czech and Slovak Republic.

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